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andy winship
andy winship
2 November 2023
We have built a small energy efficient commercial workshop & had a M&E designer provide a design for the HVAC/aircon - MV Installations were tasked to install it and suggested an alternative improved system based on their experience in the business which turned out to be a better spec and less expensive. They provided a turnkey solution and the work was completed to a high standard and on time - nice guys to deal with so would recommend them for sure.
Carl Downes
Carl Downes
1 November 2023
Had the guys at MV complete a full re wire of our 3 bed house. They were very professional, came out quickly to complete the job and the work was completed to a high standard, I would highly recommend
9 October 2023
Mark and team were really nice to deal with and did a great job for me in servicing an existing AC unit and installing an additional one. Really neat and tidy work, they clearly take pride in what they do and having shopped around they offer competitive prices too.
Julie Lindsay Allen
Julie Lindsay Allen
27 September 2023
Really pleased with the quality of workmanship & good level of communication & care. EV charger fitted and garden lights. I would happily recommend the MV team!
Elizabeth Martin
Elizabeth Martin
12 September 2023
I had a new consumer unit fitted and re-sited. I was very impressed with how smoothly everything went from competitive estimate to completion of the work. Mark was very professional, helpful and knowledgeable. Nothing was too much trouble for him. Bailey and Kelsey who carried out the work were extremely hardworking, efficient and tidy. A great team. I would highly recommend them.
Grania Law
Grania Law
4 September 2023
Mark did a fantastic job on our lamp he went to a lot of effort to find the right fitting we thoroughly recommend him
John Perry
John Perry
25 July 2023
I phoned over 30 electricians and only MV Installations was happy to help me. Very professional, tidy, helpful and polite. I would highly recommend them to anyone
David Haines
David Haines
18 July 2023
Good product fitted with minimum of fuss and bother very pleased with the result
Debi Owen
Debi Owen
6 July 2023
We have used Mark and his team on multiple occasions to work on various commercial projects. They are always professional, and knowledgeable and the work is of the highest standard. We would highly recommend MV Installations.
Ian Norton
Ian Norton
29 June 2023
Great team! Work included: new sockets and light fittings, patio lights and ran a long external power line into my new garden office and installed Air Conditioning. Neat and tidy jobs and great guys

Home ventilation systems offer several benefits for homeowners:

  1. Improved Indoor Air Quality: Ventilation systems, like the Drimaster-Eco, introduce fresh, filtered air into the living space, reducing the levels of pollutants, allergens, and odours. This helps create a healthier and more comfortable environment for occupants.
  2. Reduced Condensation and Dampness: By displacing and replacing stale, humid air, ventilation systems help to reduce condensation and dampness issues in the home. This can prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which can cause damage to the property and potentially lead to health problems.
  3. Enhanced Energy Efficiency: With energy-efficient designs, ventilation systems like the Drimaster-Eco consume minimal energy while effectively improving indoor air quality. This can contribute to overall energy savings for homeowners.
  4. Easy Installation and Low Maintenance: Home ventilation systems, including the Drimaster-Eco, are designed for easy installation and require minimal maintenance. This means homeowners can enjoy the benefits of improved air quality without significant hassle or ongoing costs.

Investing in a home ventilation system, such as the Drimaster-Eco, can provide long-term benefits by creating a fresh and comfortable indoor atmosphere, improving the overall health and well-being of occupants, and protecting the property from moisture-related issues.

Benefits of Low-Energy Whole-House Ventilation

Proper ventilation plays a crucial role in reducing energy bills by minimising heating and cooling needs. For example, by implementing an energy recovery ventilation system, homeowners can significantly reduce their reliance on traditional heating and cooling methods, leading to substantial cost savings on energy bills. Moreover, efficient ventilation systems can enhance airflow throughout the home, ensuring a consistent and controlled airflow that promotes energy efficiency and indoor comfort. This is particularly beneficial in extreme climates where heating and cooling costs can be a significant portion of the overall energy expenses, making low-energy whole-house ventilation systems a compelling solution for cost-effective indoor air quality management.

In addition to reducing energy bills, optimising ventilation systems can lead to a marked improvement in indoor air quality. By effectively removing pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other airborne contaminants, ventilation systems contribute to creating a healthier living environment for occupants. This is particularly important for individuals with respiratory conditions or allergies, as well as for families with young children, where maintaining high indoor air quality is of utmost importance. As a result, the implementation of low-energy whole-house ventilation systems not only supports energy efficiency but also contributes to the overall well-being of the household members by ensuring a healthier and more sustainable living environment.

The Energy-Saving Potential of Ventilation:

Ventilation plays a crucial role in reducing energy consumption and improving indoor air quality. By implementing proper ventilation systems, homeowners can enjoy several benefits, including:

  1. Reducing the Need for Air Conditioning: Adequate ventilation brings fresh air into the space, reducing the reliance on air conditioning systems to maintain a comfortable temperature. This can lead to a significant reduction in cooling energy consumption, potentially up to 30%.
  2. Managing Indoor Humidity Levels: Efficient ventilation systems help control moisture, preventing the growth of mould and mildew. By maintaining optimal humidity levels, homeowners can lower their energy usage by avoiding excessive air conditioning or heating to compensate for high humidity.
  3. Enhanced Energy Recovery: Modern ventilation systems incorporate energy recovery technologies that capture and transfer thermal energy from outgoing air to incoming fresh air. This innovative feature reduces energy waste on conditioning incoming air to the desired temperature, resulting in overall energy savings.
  4. Proper Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality: Ventilation plays a vital role in ensuring good indoor air quality. It helps flush out airborne contaminants like volatile organic compounds (VOCs), ensuring a healthier environment. Improved indoor air quality leads to increased concentration, productivity, and overall well-being.

Investing in a ventilation system, not only improves indoor air quality but also contributes to energy savings and a more comfortable living environment. By reducing reliance on air conditioning, managing humidity levels, and incorporating energy recovery technologies, homeowners can enjoy long-term benefits while creating a fresh and healthy indoor atmosphere.

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